The Full-Service Logistics Company which provides
transportation service to add the value for the customer

Logitem (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has expanded the business in Thailand based on
knowledge of Logitem Japan. We are willing to cooperate in order to truly respond to
the logistics strategies as a customer business partner.



We will respond to customer sophisticated demand that relies on our existed various knowledge
and utilizes from the little things for the best result.

Freight Forwarder & Customs Clearance

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Warehousing & Distribution Center

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Domestic transportation

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Cross Border Transportation

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Trade Agency Service

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Other Logistics Service

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Tracking System

We are ready to provide the logistics service with the proper method for customers by 25 years’ experience since our company was established along with the main based networks which built up in each country among Mekong Sub-region.

Meeting diverse needs based on the motto of
“If logistics, we can”

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School Uniform & Sportwear Donation

Computer Donation

Logitem (Thailand) serves cross-border transportation service from Thailand to Malaysia now


Thousands of projects have made our company a leader in the construction area. We stand behind our promise to deliver timely and quality service